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Truth & Reconciliation Hearings Open In Ghana - 2003-01-14

Ghana’s National Reconciliation Commission begins hearings on alleged human rights abuses during past periods of military rule. English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey spoke with Dr. Agyeman Dua, Associate Director of the Ghana Center for Democratic Development.

He says Ghanaians expect that at the end of the process, the nation will be more unified and that there will be reconciliation among the people. He says contrary to the views expressed by many people, the commission will not rake up grievances of the past but rather heal the wounds of the past.

He says the Commission wants all Ghanaians to know what transpired in the past, for he says, a nation cannot hide its history. He says bringing up the past is not necessarily negative. He says, "It is positive in several ways, especially guiding Ghanaians into the future."

He says the findings of the commission will not lead to criminal prosecution for if the commission did that, the whole concept of reconciliation would be defeated. He says the purpose of the hearings is to look for the truth, set the records straight, and make recommendations to the government to find a way to compensate those who suffered under past governments.

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