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South African Disarmament Experts In Iraq.  What An Analyst Has To Say - 2003-02-24

A group of South African disarmament experts is in Baghdad to help Iraq destroy any weapons of mass destruction it may have. English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey spoke with Richard Cornwell, head of the Early Warning Program of the South Africa Institute of Security Studies in Johannesburg.

He said South Africa is currently the chair of the Non-Aligned Movement and the African Union, two blocks that involve a lot of countries, and for that reason it thinks it has to play a leading role in the Iraqi issue.

He said contrary to what some people are saying, South’s Africa’s move is not belated, but rather came at the right time. He said at this point, no attempt at averting war can be deemed futile until it actually fails, and that is what South Africa is trying to prevent.

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