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Sierra Leone Court Prosecutor Still Awaiting Proof Sam Bockarie Is Dead - 2003-05-16


The Chief Prosecutor for the UN Special Court in Sierra Leone says the court is yet to prove that former RUF rebel leader Sam “Mosquito” Bockarie is dead.

Mr. Bockarie is one of nine people who have been indicted by the court for committing the worst atrocities during ten years of civil war in Sierra Leone. More than a week ago, the Liberian government reported that Sam Bockarie was killed in battle along the Ivory Coast-Liberia border.

David Crane is the Chief Prosecutor for the UN Special court in Sierra Leone. He visited our studios here in Washington D.C. where English to Africa reporter Josephine Kamara asked whether it’s been confirmed that Sam Bockarie is dead. He says they’ve not identified the body, and until that is done, Mr. Bockarie will remain a wanted man.

Mr. Crane calls on Liberian President Charles Taylor to turn over the body of the man he claims is Sam Bockarie. He says the people of West Africa need to know whether a man “who has brought so much pain and suffering” is indeed dead.

He also says Mr. Taylor should turn over another man indicted by the court, former military ruler, Johnny Paul Karoma. Mr. Crane says he cannot comment on reports that President Taylor, himself, might be indicted by the Sierra Leone court.

During a visit to VOA, he spoke with English to Africa reporter Josephine Kamara. Click above links to download or listen to interview