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U.S. Dissolves Iraq's Armed Forces - 2003-05-23

The U.S. civil administrator in Iraq has dissolved the country's armed forces and several other institutions that formed the backbone of Saddam Hussein's toppled regime. Carolyn Weaver has more.

The top administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer made the announcement Friday. The ruling also abolishes the Defense and Information Ministries, along with several security organizations, including the elite Republican Guard. It affects hundreds of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and public employees, who are now officially without jobs. VOA correspondent Greg LaMotte reports from Baghdad.

“Mr. Bremer said the moves are part of a campaign to show the Iraqi people that the regime of Saddam Hussein is gone and will never return.”

Mr. Bremer says a new Iraqi self-defense corps will be created in the near future.

Mr. Bremer's announcement comes one day after the United Nations Security Council voted to lift economic sanctions against Iraq after almost 13 years. The resolution gives the United States and Britain broad powers to administer the country until an internationally recognized government is established in Baghdad.