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Senior Hamas Leader Wounded in Israeli Attack

A senior Hamas leader has been wounded in an Israeli helicopter attack in Gaza City. Reports say at least three people died in the attack and 20 others were wounded.

Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi's jeep was traveling through Gaza City and when it was struck by missile fire from the Israeli helicopter, causing the vehicle to burst into flames.

Hamas officials said Mr. Rantisi was wounded in the attack. Witnesses said several bodies were carried from the wreckage.

One of the wounded was reported to be a baby girl.

Mr. Rantisi, a prominent spokesman for Hamas, has been highly vocal in recent days in opposing any suspension of attacks against Israel.

Hamas frequently carries out suicide bombings and other terror attacks. The charter for the organization calls for the destruction of Israel.

In the past few days, Hamas has been involved in at least two attacks in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that killed five Israeli soldiers.

On Friday, Hamas called off planned talks on a ceasefire with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

The organization expressed anger that Mr. Abbas has condemned Palestinian terrorism but refrained from demanding an end to Israeli military operations inside the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Hamas also vowed Tuesday to launch a wave of revenge attacks over the attempted assassination of Mr. Rantisi.

A Hamas official said the organization would set the land on fire.

The Palestinian minister for information, Nabil Amr, also condemned the Israeli attack in Gaza.

He said the operation not only aimed to kill Hamas members but also any hopes for the road map to peace in the Middle East.