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2 Two Men Arrested in Connection with Ireland Bombing - 2003-06-16

Police in Northern Ireland have arrested two men in connection with the discovery of a half-ton bomb in Londonderry, Northern Ireland's second-largest city.

Police say they are holding the two men, ages 33 and 24, for questioning.

British authorities found the explosives Sunday in an abandoned van on the Foyle Bridge, which connects Londonderry's mainly Catholic west side with its mostly Protestant east.

Police say the incident is linked to IRA dissidents trying to undermine the 1998 Good Friday Peace Accord.

The arrest comes ahead of a meeting of leaders of the province's main Protestant party, the Ulster Unionists, to consider the group's position on reestablishing self rule in Northern Ireland.

Britain suspended self-rule in Northern Ireland last October amid allegations of IRA spying on local government officials, and elections there have been postponed.