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Click Here To Listen To President Bush's Address On Goree Island - 2003-07-08

In a speech at Senegal's Goree Island Tuesday, Mr. Bush called slavery "one of the greatest crimes of history." The president said African slaves and their descendants strengthened American democracy through countless acts of courage.

Earlier, Mr. Bush held talks with Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade and met with leaders from seven other West African democracies.

After the meeting, Mr. Bush said he is committed to helping bring peace to war-torn Liberia, but has not yet decided what role the United States will play in the country.

On Goree Island, Mr. Bush toured a slave house, built by the Dutch in 1776, where Africans were held, weighed, fed and often punished before being sent off to colonies in the Americas.

This is Mr. Bush's first trip to Africa as president. Besides South Africa, he will also visit Botswana, Uganda and Nigeria.

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