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Search for Survivors Ends in Russian Hospital Bombing

People in the Southern Russian city of Mozdok, near the Chechnya border, observed a day of mourning Monday for the 50 people killed in the bombing of a military hospital on Friday. Rescue workers have called off the search for both survivors and victims in the rubble.

Families of the soldiers and medical personnel killed in Friday's suicide truck bombing are beginning to bury their dead.

An Emergency Ministry spokesman says 64 people remain hospitalized for injuries they received when the truck crashed through the hospital gates and exploded into a ball of flames, demolishing the building. At the site of the blast, soldiers placed a small black marble memorial stone and a tall wooden cross.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged authorities to do more to prevent such attacks. In a meeting late Sunday, President Putin blamed what he called lax security for the rise in suicide bomb attacks, which he said have gone beyond all bounds of humanity.

Officials say units at Russia's main base for Russian military operations against separatist rebels in nearby Chechnya will be carrying out special anti-terrorism drills and increased security patrols.