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Schwarzenegger Projected as New California Governor - 2003-10-08

Arnold Schwarzenegger is on his way to becoming the state's next governor. Official vote totals are still fragmentary, but early indications from voter surveys conducted by U.S. television networks suggest Californians are about to make history by removing Governor Gray Davis from office and replacing him with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The special recall election drew a strong voter turnout. It appears Governor Davis was not able to save himself from voters angry about California's economic problems.

It also appears Mr. Schwarzenegger was able to fend off late charges of sexual harassment from several women. The actor was mobbed by reporters as he went to vote earlier in the day. "It is up to God for the decision," he said. "You know, we did all the work and we worked hard and campaigned hard and tried to get the message out there."

A Schwarzenegger victory could boost President Bush's chances of winning California in his re-election bid, next year.