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US Congress Condemns Istanbul Attacks - 2003-11-21

The terrorist attacks on the British consulate and a bank in Turkey, and earlier attacks on Jewish synagogues, have been condemned by lawmakers in the U.S. Congress.

Republicans and Democrats say attempts by terrorists to intimidate secular Turkey will fail.

"The terrorists know that the successful example of Turkey [Turkey's political system] lays bear the emptiness of their own hateful vision," said Republican Congressman Chris Smith. "It's [The system is] working in Turkey, and yet, now, they [the terrorists] are trying to give a different impression to the world."

There were even stronger words from Democrat Tom Lantos.

"The overwhelming majority of the victims are Muslim Turks, proof positive of the total cynicism and utter phoniness of these so-called Islamist assassins," he said.

A resolution in the House of Representatives expresses solidarity with Turkey in the fight against terrorism.