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New England Patriots Hoping For 2nd Super Bowl Win - 2004-01-31

Super Bowl 38, this season's championship for professional American football, is set for Sunday in Houston, Texas.

The Carolina Panthers are making their first appearance in the NFL championship game in the nine years they have been in the league. Very few expected them to win their division, must less make it to the Super Bowl.

They play a conservative offense, which is not what the casual fan likes to see. The New England Patriots' style is similar, so most observers expect a low-scoring, defensive Super Bowl.

Quarterback Tom Brady, who led the Patriots to the title two years ago, likes the balance his team has in all phases of the game.

"I think everybody loves these offenses where you have the long touchdowns, and the defenses that don't give up a yard on defense," Brady says. "You know, we have a team that may not look as pretty, but we're pretty good in all three phases. We're good on special teams. We're good on offense. We're good on defense and it kind of comes together."

Tom Brady hopes it all comes together again for his New England Patriots here on Sunday, as they aim to win their second Super Bowl in three years.