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15 Arrested in Connection with Iraq Suicide Bombings - 2004-03-03

Iraqi police say they have apprehended 15 suspects in the suicide bombings at Shiite Muslim shrines in Karbala and Baghdad. Iraqis are starting to bury the victims from Tuesday's tragedy.

Mourners in Karbala paraded the coffins of dozens of victims from Tuesday's bombing attacks. Many were draped in the traditional black banner of mourning and an Iraqi flag covered with flowers.

Members of the Iraqi Governing Council are expected to join the mourners in Karbala later in the day.

In Baghdad, early morning funeral processions turned briefly into anti-American protests.

A U.S. coalition official says there are 15 suspects in custody in connection with the bombings.

The Iraqi Governing Council declared three days of mourning and postponed the official signing of an interim constitution.

Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish leaders have appealed for calm and unity and pledge the terrorist attacks would not deter them from completing the scheduled June transfer of power from the U.S. coalition to a provisional Iraqi government.