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Bush Focuses on Job Growth in Weekly Radio Address - 2004-05-22

President Bush says there is fresh evidence his economic policies are working to spur growth.

Mr. Bush said Saturday, in his weekly radio address that the United States gained close to 300,000 new jobs in April. He singled out job creation in several key voting states, including Florida, Michigan and Ohio, as he focused on the economy and away from scandals and violence in Iraq.

New poll results this week show his approval rating is at its lowest levels ever. The White House announced Friday that President Bush will deliver the first of a series of weekly speeches on Monday to outline a "clear strategy" on how to move Iraq to self rule on June 30.

Mr. Bush also discussed how his administration is striving to bring down oil prices, which have risen above $2.00 a gallon.

His likely opponent in the November election, Senator John Kerry, used the Democratic response to say he wants to lead America to energy independence from the Middle East. He said no American soldier should have to fight and die because the nation is dependent on oil.

Senator Kerry said America is at its best when it leads the world in inventions and technologies and said being less dependent on foreign energy sources will benefit the nation's security, economy and environment.

He has called on the government to temporarily halt adding to the country's reserves to increase supplies on the market. The Bush administration has said that would endanger the country during the war on terrorism and do little to lower prices.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kerry's aides say he might delay accepting his Democratic Party's nomination for president so he can put off triggering limits on his campaign spending.

As it stands now, President Bush would have five more weeks to raise and spend money before he triggers the spending limits by accepting the Republican Party's nomination.