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Key US Senators Predict Charges Against More American Soldiers in Prison Abuse Scandal - 2004-05-23

Two key Senate members predict more American soldiers will face military courts in the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

Senator Lindsey Graham says those who are responsible for the abuse will face charges, and indicates the soldiers accused so far are only the beginning. "I am confident there will be more court-martials, and it is just not going to be privates and sergeants," he said.

The South Carolina Republican brings a unique perspective to the matter. He is a lawyer by training, and a member of the Air Force reserve. In that capacity, he has served as a military prosecutor, defender, and judge.

During an interview on the Fox News Sunday television program, Senator Graham said it is important to get to the bottom of the matter, and show that no one is above the law. "There will be more court-martials to come and we are going to prove to the world that even in a war, the rule of law applies. And that when you serve your country, and God bless you for doing it, we are going to expect you to follow the rules," he said.

His colleague on the Senate Armed Services Committee, New York Democrat Hillary Clinton, also appeared on Fox News. She agreed there will be more legal action connected to the prisoner abuse scandal. "It is important not only for the military to get this under control and set an example. But it is, as Lindsey said, very important for our country," she said.

Seven U.S. soldiers have been charged with abusing and sexually humiliating prisoners at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison.