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Iraq's Interim PM Addresses Nation - 2004-06-04

Iraq's new transitional prime minister has called on Iraqis to unite against terrorism, and says the presence of foreign troops is important for Iraqi security after the transfer of sovereignty June 30.

In his first nationally televised address Friday, Iyad Allawi called for an end to attacks by insurgents on coalition forces. He said it would be a disaster if attacks forced foreign troops out of Iraq before security and military institutions are rebuilt.

The prime minister also said the government would soon tighten controls on foreigners entering the country, in an effort to keep potential terrorists and insurgents out.

Mr. Allawi announced that Iraq's president Ghazi al-Yawar and his deputies would attend this month's Group of Eight summit in the United States in order to contribute to what he called "the defeat of economic terrorism."

The prime minister also touched on the importance of national unity and said members of the former Ba'ath regime who had not committed crimes could continue to live in Iraqi society with dignity.