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ICC Luanches Investigation Into Allegations Of Human Rights Abuses In Uganda - 2004-08-04

The International Criminal Court has agreed to launch a formal investigation into allegations of human rights abuses in Uganda. Brigitte Suhr is director of regional programs for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

From New York City, Miss Suhr tells English to Africa reporter and Daybreak Africa host James Butty that, based on information provided, the office of the special prosecutor can decide what crimes to investigate on in a member state of the United Nations. She says in the case of Uganda, the information about war crimes was provided by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni against the Lord?s Resistance Army.

Miss Suhr says some of the alleged abuses include crimes against humanity, such as torture, sexual slavery, and the forced conscription of child soldiers. She says it?s up to the Special Prosecutor to decide whether to investigate allegations of crimes committed by both the Lord?s Resistance Army and the government. Miss Suhr says although President Museveni?s complaints mentioned only the alleged crimes of the Lord?s Resistance Army, human rights groups demanded that the government side be investigated as well. She says the Court agrees and has decided to investigate both sides.

The announcement to launch the investigation was made July 29, and Miss Suhr believes the investigation might have already begun.