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ODM-Kenya Looking Forward

In Kenya, the newly certificated orange democratic movement-Kenya party has been outlining its campaign plan. A leading member of the party, William Ruto, said the party would hold rallies nationwide to popularize ODM-Kenya and spell out its agenda in readiness for next year's elections. He adds that the party is sure of forming the next government.

Sources say members of parliament allied to the Orange Democratic Movement Kenya party are to meet to and find ways of helping bring a level playing field for other parliamentary aspirants. The early morning meeting, at an undisclosed venue, will be the first since the ODM-K was registered as a party last Thursday.

The party's team leader, Mutula Kilonzo, said they would discuss ODM-K's activities and the progress it has made since it transformed into a political party at Lukenya, three weeks ago. Sources said the party wanted to move fast and endorse decisions and policy papers that have been prepared by two technical committees. Among the issues to be discussed will be the party's structure, interim officials and rallies that have been lined up to popularize it. Kanu members, it was understood, would also debate the thorny issue of membership, following objections to individual membership.

Retired president Daniel Arap Moi has urged Kanu members to ensure the party was not diluted.

William Ruto spoke with VOA English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey what’s next for the party after it received its registration certificate.

“ The journey begins and much more critical and crucial part. We are going to roll it into action. We are going to have a meeting on the 19th and 20th of the top leadership of the orange democratic movement- Kenya. And on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th we are going to have rallies in Eldoret, Kakamega, and Kisumuru respectively to popularize and taker the party to the grassroots. We are going to unveil our vision and manifesto in the next month or so. We are going to have a meeting of all our parliamentary group members and top leadership of ODM in Naivasha on the 28th, 29th and 30th that is a retreat to agree on certain aspects of the parties structure and a way forward”.

Ruto says he has no doubts in his mind of the ability of ODM-Kenya forming the next government. “ I think the mere fact that government has been absolutely reluctant to register the ODM-Kenya is itself a clear manifestation of the government’s reluctance and jitteriness with respect to registering ODM-Kenya. The record already indicate very clearly to government that the ODM-Kenya is a very, very serious political player. This brings together the political parties and individuals that actually defeated the government the government sponsored draft constitution last year. And it is absolutely clear, that this same group will without a doubt win the next general elections,” he said.

Asked to comment on what many see as the biggest challenge the party will face in choosing a presidential candidate for next yeas elections, Ruto said,” Lots of us in ODM-Kenya are democrats. We are people who believe that every member of our party has a constitutional right to seek any office. However we also believe in the rules of democratic competition that there will eventually be a winner and a loser. We are democratic enough to appreciate that ultimately; one of us will get a ticket. And we have pledged too that when happens, we will support whoever that will be. Taking to account also that, we have parliamentary and civic seats, the rules of democracy will apply in all the cases. Be they civic, be it a parliamentary seat or be it a presidential race like the one I am involved in,” He said.

Meanwhile the party is calling for a level playing field in next general elections.

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