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Zambia Awaits Election Results

In Zambia, results of the just ended tripartite elections are trickling in following a peaceful election. Sources say it is too early to know who will win the mandate to rule the country although initial results have been favorable for opposition candidate Michael Sata. Richard Mulunga is a Zambian journalist who visited some of the polling stations before and after the elections.

VOA English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey asked him to recount the response of Zambians at the polls.

“ The election was very peaceful, actually many stakeholders have congratulated ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia). The police have also been congratulated. The response was very overwhelming. Some polling stations have recorded a hundred percent voter turnout, which I can say is very unprecedented in Zambian elections history,” he said.

Mulunga said Zambians are patiently waiting for the results to be announced.

“Officially the Electoral Commission of Zambia is expected to announce the results after 72 hours, which is Sunday. By today, from the results that are trickling in we are going to know who is leading and who is trailing, and that is how it is going to go,” he noted.

He continues, “ Things have been moving quite slow, but everything is fine. Well as people were voting they expect that the best candidate win. But the major expectation is that, this election would be very peaceful up to the end after the winner has been announced and the post election period also,” Mulunga said.

He explains the messages by some of the presidential aspirants after casting their vote in just ended elections.

“ When they were voting, the incumbent did not speak to the reporters, didn’t issue a statement. Mr. Sata said, he was going to be the next president. He is confident that he will win. He was confident that he is scooping the top job in this country. The heritage party, Mr. Godfrey Miyanda, did not announce where he was going to cast his vote from. The candidate as well for All People’s Congress party did not also announce when he was going to cast his vote. So it was a bit difficult for him and for people to get his comment, they were hiding. But the two have issued their statement and are confident to win,” he said.

Mulunga says the two former presidents wished Zambians well after voting.

“ …The first president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda cast his vote and wished that the best candidate should win. The second president cast his vote as well, Dr. Chiluba. He was quite boastful that he introduced democracy to Zambia and was happy to see that it was flourishing now,” he said.

Meanwhile, incumbent, President Levy Mwanawasa, is urging all presidential aspirants who lose yesterday’s elections to accept defeat. He adds that he and his party will accept the results as a true representation of the will of the people regardless of the outcome.

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