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Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor:
  • 1983: Flees Liberia after being accused of embezzling government funds
  • 1984: Arrested in U.S.; escapes U.S. jail a year later
  • 1989: Resurfaces in Liberia, launches rebellion to overthrow the government
  • 1991: Taylor's forces help Sierra Leone rebels overthrow government in exchange for access to diamond mines. During 11-year civil war, Taylor accused of perpetuating the killing, rape and mutilation of civilians, conscription of child soldiers, other crimes
  • 1997: Elected president of Liberia
  • 2003: Special Court for Sierra Leone indicts Taylor on initial charges; months later he steps down as president of Liberia and takes asylum in Nigeria
  • 2006: Arrested in Nigeria and sent to The Hague for trial
  • 2007: War crimes trial opens in The Hague
  • 2012: Convicted of aiding and abetting the commission of war crimes, sentenced to 50 years in prison