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(Im)migration News Recap, Sept. 30-Oct. 6

FILE - New citizens stand during a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) naturalization ceremony at the New York Public Library in Manhattan, New York, July 3, 2018.

Editor's note: We want you to know what's happening, why and how it could impact your life, family or business, so we created a weekly digest of the top original immigration, migration and refugee reporting from across VOA. Questions? Tips? Comments? Email the VOA immigration team:

U.S. refugee program in retreat

The U.S. confirmed what refugee advocates hoped wouldn't happen: President Donald Trump made the record-low cap of 30,000 refugees official on Thursday, a few days late but in line with what the administration said it would do. One of the top U.N. refugee officials called out governments this week for using "security" concerns as an unfounded reason for denying refugees protection. What's next? Refugee agencies will likely face more layoffs in the U.S. Australia and Canada — which have long trailed the U.S. as the top refugee resettlement countries — may take the lead, now that the United States is opting for a diminished role in the process.

India hands Muslim detainees over to Myanmar

India deported seven Muslim refugees back to Myanmar, where the community has faced persecution. A U.N. official said the move could violate the human rights principle of non-refoulement, which protects vulnerable populations from being deported to circumstances that could threaten their safety.

U.S. to LGBTQ diplomats: Marry, or lose your visa

The U.S. government began blocking unmarried, same-sex couples from diplomatic visas this week. The State Department downplayed the change as a run-of-the-mill policy shift in line with the agency's own procedures. Skeptics raised concerns about a wider Trump-backed attempt to curb gay rights.

Not yet the end of TPS for some

A U.S. judge said roughly 300,000 people from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan might not lose their legal Temporary Protected Status right away, despite cancellation by the Trump administration. The stay on TPS remains in effect while the judge reviews the motives behind the cancellations.

Diversity visa doors are now open

The State Department opened the annual green card — or diversity — lottery this week, and 50,000 visas will be available to people who were born in one of six geographical regions. Visa winners are chosen at random.

Nobel goes to supporters of women, refugees

Both winners of the Nobel Peace Prize this year got the coveted award for their work supporting refugees and victims of gender-based violence.