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International Women's Day: Benefits of Educating Girls

Educating girls

International Women's Day, while initially focused on women in the workplace, has evolved into a day to take stock of the progress made toward gender equality as well as issues that still need to be addressed.

Education has been proven to be a strong equalizer between men and women yet, globally, nearly half a billion women cannot read and 62 million girls are denied an education, according to UNICEF.

A report on girls’ education noted that girls are kept from school for many reasons:

  • Poverty
  • Institutional and cultural barriers
  • Pressure for early marriage
  • Lack of safety in getting to school
  • Lack of separate latrines for boys and girls
  • Sexual harassment and gender-based violence in schools
  • Domestic work overload

If girls receive an education, it leads to:

  • A decrease in child marriages by 64 percent
  • A decrease in maternal mortality by 70 percent
  • More children surviving past the age of 5

Source: UNICEF