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Mali 2012 Developments

  • Mali Developments in 2012
  • January: Tuareg fighters launch new rebellion in north.
  • March 22: Renegade soldiers stage coup in capital, Bamako.
  • March 30-April 1: Tuareg separatists, aided by Islamist militants, seize control of key northern regions.
  • April 1: Under international pressure, junta agrees to return power to civilians
  • April 6: Rebels declare the north an independent state named "Azawad."
  • April 8: President Amadou Toumani Toure officially resigns.
  • April 12: Parliament speaker Dioncounda Traore becomes interim president.
  • April 26: Interim leaders announce new government, with military in three key posts.
  • May 26: Tuareg separatists, Ansar Dine militants sign agreement to create Islamic state of Azawad.
  • June 1: Tuareg/Ansar Dine alliance breaks down over Sharia dispute.
  • June 27: Islamists defeat Tuareg separatists in Gao, bringing all major northern cities under hardliners' control.
  • July 29: Ansar Dine publicly executes a man and a woman on charges of adultery.
  • June 30: Hardline Islamists in the north begin destroying ancient shrines in Timbuktu that the U.N. declared a World Heritage site.
  • August 20: Mali announces a new unity government under the leadership of interim Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra.
  • September 17: The Economic Community of West African States meets on Mali.
  • October 12: U.N. Security Council passes resolution clearing the way for deployment of foreign troops to Mali.
  • October 24: African Union lifts Mali's suspension from the organization.
  • November 14: African Union approves plan for West African military force to deploy to Mali. Plan now goes to U.N. Security Council for final approval.