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2017 Putin Calendar Goes On Sale

FILE - Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to Russian journalists during a news conference following the BRICS summit in Goa, India, Oct. 16, 2016. Putin is denying allegations of Russian government interference with the U.S. election process.

The 2017 Vladimir Putin calendar is out.

The calendar, which features photos of the Russian president was made public Saturday.

In various shots of the Russian leader, some show a masculine side, including a shot of him dressed as a fighter pilot, while others, including Putin posing with a kitten, attempt to portray a softer image.

Last year’s calendar featured similar photos, but instead of a kitten, Putin posed with a fluffy puppy.

Other shots show Putin on horseback wearing a camouflage jacket, while another shows him apparently piloting a light plane. Other photos hit on key topics of interest to Russians, including the president posing with World War II veterans, climbing onto a crop harvester and lighting candles in a Russian Orthodox Church.

The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg got a copy of the calendar and briefly summarized flipping through the pages in a short video posted to Twitter.

"Putin with a candle, Putin with a child, with a kitten, Putin by himself, with war veterans, and so on and so on," he said in the clip. "Oh, Putin with a (one-man) plane. And a crane (the bird). Very fluffy. Very cute."

Rosenberg added that the calendar ends with a look to 2018, with the following quote attributed to Putin and translated by Rosenberg.

"Russia is a peace-loving and self-sufficient country. We do not need other peoples' territories. We do not need other peoples' natural resources. But if we are threatened we are prepared to use weapons to guarantee our security."

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