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New UN sanctions on North Korea

New U.N. sanctions aim to cut off trade and funding of North Korea’s nuclear program and its military and to target leaders and officials directly involved in illicit activities. These include:

*A total arms embargo enforced through mandatory inspection of all cargo, even food transiting into or out of North Korea via land, sea or air.

*Requiring member states to expel North Korean diplomats, companies and representatives involved in aiding or funding the banned nuclear and missile programs.

*Banning imports of highly refined aviation fuel used for both civilian planes and rockets, with no exemption for civil aviation.

*Limiting or banning exports of North Korean coal, iron, gold, titanium and rare earth minerals.

*Requiring states to close North Korean bank accounts and prohibiting engagement with the country’s banks.

*Expanding ban on luxury items for import into North Korea, prohibiting expensive watches, personal watercraft and snowmobiles valued over $2,000.