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Tanzania Election issues

Tanzania Election Issues

The main issues shaping Tanzania's elections Sunday:

Poverty: Many voters say the ruling CCM party has done too little to reduce widespread poverty in the East African nation. Both the CCM and the opposition Chadema party are promising to focus on creating jobs and improving people's lives.

Development: Authorities are under pressure to develop offshore natural gas resources that could generate jobs and new revenue. Analysts have said the deposits are big enough to meet Tanzania's needs and export to other countries.

Corruption: The government has a reputation for graft that has hurt the CCM's popularity. But Chadema presidential candidate Edward Lowassa resigned as prime minister in 2008 over corruption allegations.

Time for change: The CCM has ruled Tanzania for all of the country's 54 years of independence, and some voters think its time for another party to run the country. This is the first time opposition candidates have united behind a single candidate.