KHARTOUM, SUDAN - Eight children were killed on Saturday in the Sudanese city of Omdurman when an unidentified object they found exploded, a police spokesman told AFP. 
Seven children were killed on the spot, while the eighth one died of wounds at a hospital, Gen. Hashim Abdelrahim said. 
He said the children, who were thought to be searching for scrap that they later sell, came across a "strange object" that "exploded" when they handled it. 
The area where the incident took place in north Omdurman hosted a military facility several years ago. 
Sudanese state media confirmed that eight children had died in a blast. It did not offer details. 
Abdelrahim said police were investigating the incident. 
Many school-age children often have to resort to menial jobs to earn a living amid a worsening economic crisis that has seen food prices soar. 
The economic crisis has triggered nationwide protests for more than three months against the rule of President Omar al-Bashir. 
Bashir has remained defiant. He imposed a nationwide state of emergency on Feb. 22 to quell the demonstrations, seen as the biggest challenge to his three-decade rule.