The director of the Cabinet of Comoros Islands President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi said the government is in firm control following the removal of the head of the military, suspected of involvement in the assassination of the army?s chief of staff.

Ahmed Ben Said Gaffar said, despite concerns expressed by Comorians as well as the international community, the general elections scheduled for November will be held according to the agreement signed with opposition groups.

?The Justice Ministry is working on this matter and some information we got [suggests] that three persons from the army have been implicated,? he said.

Opposition groups have criticized President Sambi?s government for creating tensions ahead of November?s vote by removing the head of the military, General Salimou Mohammed Amiri. He is accused of assassinating Commander Combo Ayouba, the army?s chief of staff, in June, a charge he denies.

Cabinet director Gaffer said President Sambi?s administration will continue with its mandate to protect Comorians.

?Every time we have problems in the army, it is normal that people will be uncomfortable. But, I can assure you that since [Wednesday], the situation is under control and the [army general] has agreed to [cooperate with] the Justice Ministry, so there is no problem, really,? Gaffer said.

He further said President Sambi wants the judiciary to be independent and devoid of any official interference.

?He [Mr. Sambi] has said that, for this assassination, let the Justice Ministry do its work. And, since that time, the investigations have been going on very well. So, for these last two days, the Justice Ministry decided to hear from the general. So, we will now let justice do its work.?

Comorians have expressed concern that tension within the army could destabilize the country. But, Cabinet director Gaffar said the administration will continue to work with its international partners, as well as various opposition groups, to ensure the country?s stability ahead of the November vote.