Ghana Election
Ghana Election

Ghanaian police will provide protection for all presidential candidates and their running mates as part of planned security measures in the run up to the November general election, says Cephas Arthur, Director of Public Relations for the Ghana Police Service.

Police provided security for presidential candidates in the 2012 poll.

There have been recent media reports that comments by politicians on various media platforms are increasing tension and could spark possible electoral violence during the presidential, parliamentary and local elections.  Arthur says he does not believe that to be the case.

"I wouldn't say there is tension in the country as a result of political pronouncement, I would rather say people are expressing their views, people are venting their concerns and this is akin to democracy. You allow people to express their opinions express their views as freely as they can and that is not to say there is tension. There is no tension at all," he said.

Arthur says the Inspector General of Police (IGP) John Kudalor plans to meet all stakeholders to address any concerns before the elections.

He earlier met with youth groups of all registered political parties in the capital Accra and has plans to meet with the leadership of all parties.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians have expressed concern about recent reports of individuals and groups importing ammunition to the country.

Local media reported trucks carrying arms which were seized by security operatives at the country's borders. Others speculated that the arms were imported by politicians to destabilize the country. But Arthur says the security agencies are ready to ensure the country maintains its territorial integrity during the electoral process.

"I can assure [Ghanaians] from the point of the police and the sister security agencies that we are on the ground and we are set to ensure that there is a peaceful election. The [reported] instances and the few ones we have on our records where people committed crimes, and who were found out and arrested, indicate that our intelligence is up to the task, and that we are on top of our job, and that we are prepared to do our best. The public has a duty in this, a role to perform by being vigilant," said Arthur.