Ghana?s Minister for Youth and Sports says Vice President John Dramani Mahama is scheduled to officially launch the government?s national youth policy Thursday as part of International Youth day celebrations.

The Honorable Akua Sana Dansua said the government?s youth policy is aimed at ensuring a ?better Ghana? for the average youth. The government?s youth policy launch will be held in Elmina, in Ghana?s central region.

?I can tell you that the youth of Ghana are excited to have this policy, which covers every facet of their development from education, skills training, from nationalism conscientization (love of country), participation in governance and everything. So, they are very excited,? Dansua said.

Ghana's President Professor John Evans Atta-Mills
Ghana's President Professor John Evans Atta-Mills

The U.N. General Assembly endorsed a recommendation by ministers responsible for the youth at a world conference in 1998 proclaiming August 12 as International Youth Day.

It was first observed in 2000 to recognize the issues affecting the world?s young people. It also aims to promote ways to engage the youth in becoming more actively involved in making positive contributions to their communities.

Minister Dansua said the youth policy launch also forms part of President John Atta Mills? promise of a ?better Ghana.?

?We have identified the youth, and I believe it is so in the U.S. also, as a very critical constituency as far as the development of the nation is concerned. And, we need to empower them to discharge this responsibility, and to do so we need to have the blueprint [and] we need to work out the plans. We have an action plan that will be used to implement this policy,? Dansua said.

Scores of countries participate in this global event with youth conferences on issues that include education and employment.

Other activities include concerts promoting the world?s youth, as well as various sporting events, parades and mobile exhibitions that showcase young people?s achievements.

Minister Dansua said the government will continue to deliver on its promise of giving Ghanaian youth a blueprint that will further push their developmental agenda.