Ivory Coast's loss in Sunday's much-awaited match against Brazil was met with frustration in Abidjan.

Brazil defeated Ivory Coast 3-1 Sunday, sparking anger among those watching the match in Abidjan, particularly towards a French referee after they claimed a Brazilian player handled the ball before scoring the team's second goal.

Fousseni Alphonse says it's not right for a player to touch the ball twice and score and then for the referee to let the point stand.

The match marked the full return of Ivorian soccer superstar, Didier Drogba, who scored the Elephant's one goal, but it was not enough.

Sebastian Konan in Abidjan says we watched the match and we think mistakes were made by the referee. He says Brazil won, but the match was not clean. He says we are disappointed and discouraged.

Sunday's loss hurt Ivory Coast's chances of advancing to the second round, but supporters in Abidjan said they haven't lost hope.

Charles Capri says he is confident that Ivory Coast will win the last match of this round. He says we have played hard against Portugal and Brazil, who were both the favored teams. He says Ivorians continue to support for their team. He says what is done is done but Ivory Coast will win the last match without problem.

Ivory Coast will play its last match of the first round Friday June 25th against North Korea.