Kenyan's military said it has killed 34 al-Shabab militants in two separate clashes in southern Somalia.

Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) spokesman, David Obonyo said in a statement on Sunday that KDF killed 13 militants and captured a “middle-level al-Shabab commander” after the forces engaged militants plotting an attack on Kenyan forces in Sarira, north of Ras Kamboni in Lower Jubba region.

In a separate incident, Kenyan military said it killed 21 al-Shabab militants on Saturday after the militants ambushed a KDF convoy traveling near Afmadow town in Lower Jubba region.

Kenyan military spokesman Obonyo said an improvised explosive device hit a Kenyan armored vehicle. The spokesman said two Kenyan soldiers were killed and five others were injured during a fierce battle.

Al-Shabab often launches raids on African Union force (AMISOM) bases in southern Somalia. In January, the militants overran a Kenyan military base in El-Adde in Gedo region, killing a large number of Kenyan troops, although Kenya has yet to release a final death toll.

Kenya is among five African countries with troops in Somalia to fight al-Shabab militants.