Kenya Ready for Wednesday's Referendum, Says Official
Kenya Ready for Wednesday's Referendum, Says Official

The chairman of Kenya?s Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee said Wednesday night?s election of the chairman and deputy of the parliamentary committee to oversee the implementation of the new constitution is not in the best interest of Kenyans.

Doni Khalwale said the election was full of political expediency that can only consolidate the powers of both the Party of National (PNU) and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

?What has happened is a bit disturbing because a chair has been elected whereas the Orange Democratic Movement members of parliament boycotted that meeting which in effect means the decision is unilateral.  So, all we want to ask members parliament and the Kenyan community at large is parliament is reconvening (this afternoon) and we shall address this.?

Kenya?s Parliamentary Oversight Committee elected Mohammed Abdikadir from the PNU and Millie Odhiambo from the ODM as chairman and deputy chairperson of the parliamentary implementation committee respectively.

The ODM boycotted the election over dispute surrounding the election. Chairman Abdikadir said he will hold his first meeting Thursday to build consensus between the PNU and the ODM.

Kenya's parliament
Kenya's parliament

Both Abdikadir and Ms Odhiambo are currently the chairman and deputy of Kenya?s parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee.

But, Jakoyo Midiwo, the ODM?s chief whip called on members of his party to boycott any scheduled meeting of the implementation committee.

He said ?Mr. Abdikadir and Ms Odhiambo as chair and vice-chair of the legal affairs committee could not be chair and the vice-chair of the Implementation Oversight Committee.?

Khalwale said he will seek to reverse the election of the chairman and his deputy as Kenya?s parliament reconvenes Thursday afternoon.

?Definitely, it is going to be redressed because as late as (Wednesday night), we have been holding consultations as members of parliament who are both from the ODM and PNU sides and we think that the interest of the nation is more important than political party expediency.?