DAKAR, SENEGAL - Guinea's government has already seen a two percent jump in revenue since President Alpha Conde came to power nearly three years ago.
That increase is due to mining activity as well as an increased tax base, according to the International Monetary Fund's Guinea Representative Abdoul Aziz Wane.
“When the new government took office in late 2010 - early 2011, that's where we started seeing the increases in the collection of government revenue, and this trend actually has been continuing,” he said.
Wane has confidence peaceful legislative elections, scheduled to be held in late September, could stabilize the business environment even more.
“We believe that if elections are held peacefully government revenue will increase even more thanks to higher economic activity. GDP will grow faster thanks to the return of investors, and this will also provide more revenue for the public purse,” he added.
According to Wane, improvements in education and infrastructure are two of the biggest priorities for Guinea's government to address with the increased funds.

Listen to interview with Abdoul Aziz Wane, the IMF's representative to Guinea