Liberia?s National Elections Commission Wednesday certified the Grassroots Democratic Party of presidential hopeful Gladys Beyan to contest the October presidential poll.

Map of LIberia
Map of Liberia

Beyan says she and her supporters are elated and believe that their party will be victorious in this year?s election.

?I and my supporters we are very, very happy. This is a victory for us. Today [Wednesday), the Grassroots Democratic Party of Liberia is now a full-fledged political party of Liberia, and we believe that we?re going to the elections, by God?s grace, and we?re going to win this election,? she says.

Beyan says her newly certified party has supporters in most of Liberia?s 15 political subdivisions. She appeals for financial and logistical support from her supporters.

?We are praying that we will get some help financially; we have the numbers, but we need logistics. Right now, we need to establish offices in all the counties and we need to prepare to launch the party. Then, after the launching, we have to have a convention. All of these things cost money,? Beyan says.

Beyan says she is willing to work with other parties, but only if such collaboration does not compromise what she calls the interests of Liberians.

?We really don?t mind to work with other parties as long as nothing will compromise the interest of the Liberian people. Also, there have been so many coalitions and so many mergers, but they merge today and the next day it breaks apart. So, that has confused me a lot,? she says.

Beyan says her vision is to make Liberia a better country because she says Liberians are not faring well under the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

?Liberia is not better at all. Liberians are suffering; they are suffering from hunger, poverty, diseases. Liberians are suffering, and we have no business to be suffering in this country at this time. It can be better. We can improve the social life of the Liberian people,? She says.

Beyan says she?s running for president because past and present governments have squandered the country?s resources.