Kenyans cast their vote in a general election at the Mutomo primary school near Gatundu, north of Nairobi, early Monday morning
Kenyans cast their vote in a general election at the Mutomo primary school near Gatundu, north of Nairobi, early Monday morning

Our live updates have now concluded. You can read through all our posts, starting from the time the polls opened on March 4 until the IEBC announced its official results on March 9.  The latest update is at the top, and all times are in Kenyan local time.

March 9


And with that, we will wrap up our live updates on Kenya's general elections. Thank you for joining us over the past week, and for sharing your thoughts, hopes and humor with us. We'll now resume our regular coverage, which you can find in the Africa section of our website.

After being declared the elected president by the IEBC, Uhuru Kenyatta gives his acceptance speech, promising, "I will honor the will of Kenyans and ensure that my government protects their rights and acts, without fear or favor, in the interests of our nation."

He congratulates the IEBC for "the most free, the most fair election in our nation's history" and pledges to support them in improving the efficiency of elections.

Kenyatta reaches out to the other parties and coalitions, emphasizing the need to work together and offering them friendship and cooperation, and thanks Odinga for "for his spirited campaign." He requests, "To those that are celebrating, let us be modest in our victory," and to others, "let us keep in mind the broader victory of Kenya and continue to maintain peace."

Kenyatta also addresses the international community, saying, "we recognize and accept our international obligations" and will cooperate with international institutions, asking the international community to respect Kenya's sovereignty.

"The challenges are many. We need to be able to work together.  Elections will always come and go, but Kenya remains."

In a statement to the press, Prime Minister Raila Odinga says, "We will shortly move to court to challenge the outcome that the IEBC announced…," calling the election "tainted," but asks supporters not to resort to violence. "Any violence now could destroy this nation for ever." 

"Let the Supreme Court determine whether the outcome announced by the IEBC is a lawful one," Odinga says. In response to a question from the media, he says he will respect the court's decision, whichever way it rules.

OFFICIAL IEBC DECLARATION: Uhuru Kenyatta elected president of Kenya.

Final vote tally:

Uhuru Kenyatta - 6,173,433 (50.07%)
Raila Odinga - 5,340,546
Musalia Mudavadi - 483,981
Peter Kenneth - 72,786
Mohamed Abouda Dida - 52,848
Martha Wangari Karua - 43,881
James Legilisho Kiyiapi - 40,998
Paul Kibugi Muite - 12,580
Total votes cast - 12,330,028
Voter turnout: 86%

Hassan: "I therefore declare Uhuru Kenyatta the duly elected president of the republic of Kenya."


IEBC Chairman Hassan: "There can be victory without victims, you can be tall without standing on my head."

IEBC Chairman Issak Hassan:

"On the 4th of March 2013 we had a date with destiny, a rendezvous with history."
The Commission is "satisfied overall that the election was credible and transparent."

Hassan says the Commission has learned lessons from this election and will address these problems. 


IEBC CEO James Oswago says, "This was the most complex election that this country has had ... It was an extremely challenging time, it was an extremely complex undertaking."

Oswago says Kenya learned a lot from the 2007 elections, but one thing that wasn't in the report was how to deal with victory and defeat. "We have to celebrate and celebrate mightily, but there's a thin line between energetic celebration and irrational exuberance."

Democracy is about diversity, but also humility, "particularly humility at the end of an election process."

The IEBC announcement is now underway...


We may still be waiting for an official announcement from the IEBC, but presidential candidates Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth have already expressed their congratulations for Uhuru Kenyatta.

Martha Karua
"Congratulations to president elect Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy president elect William ruto. Kenyans have spoken I respect their choice"

Peter Kenneth
"I've spoken to Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and congratulated him and Hon. Ruto on their presidential election victory. I wish them God's blessings"

Twitter comes through with a bit of election-based humor while we wait for the IEBC's announcement:

"When IEBC said they were announcing winner at 11am....did they mean 11am+1 ama?"
- tweet from @MacOtani
"Never take #iebc timings, always provisional '@paulakahumbu: So has anything been officially announced yet?'"
- tweet from @JNgigi
"How cud iforget.....IEBC was counting the time manually! Aargh!"
- tweet from @mungalambuvi

"IEBC is now reporting a bug that multiplies their time by 8 minutes for each minute we wait."


David Kimaiyo, inspector general of police, urges Kenyans to maintain the peace and to return to normalcy:

"In a real sense, a democratic competition run in strict accordance with the rule of law does not have losers."

"Let us accept the outcome of the election in peace and in the spirit of fair play."
- tweet from @SpokesmanKE


VOA's Gabe Joselow calculates the voter turnout at over 85%, tweeting:
"Compare USA(2008) 64% UK(2010) 65.1% India(2009) 58.2% Japan(2012) 59.3% Ghana(2012) ~80%"


When the IEBC announced the last constituency at a little after 2am, some were looking forward to finally getting some sleep:

"78 hours on the sofa, glued to the tv, showerd twice. All culminating to a #UhuRuto victory #KenyaDecides Congrats!!!"
- tweet from @EugeneWanex

"IEBC declares it safe for Kenyans to sleep now following days of election-induced keshas."
- tweet from @mosesmuya

But sleep was not in the cards in many neighborhoods:

"And vuvuzelas rent the air in the hood..... #kenyadecides"
- tweet from @qwezinsky

"@LarryMadowo @ntvkenya Well, now that the fat lady has sung, some guys in #ruaka felt they should as well...vuvuzelas and all!"
- tweet from @NjeriKihangah

"I just hope these people driving around hooting & screaming realize Uhuru won't be offering fuel refunds."
- tweet from @KoomeGitobu


We're awaiting the IEBC's official announcement of the presidential results, scheduled for around 11 am.  In the meantime, here are the full provisional results released overnight when the last constituencies were announced, according to the IEBC's results board:

Uhuru Kenyatta - 6,173,433
Raila Odinga - 5,340,546
Musalia Mudavadi - 483,981
Peter Kenneth - 72,786
Mohamed Abouda Dida - 52,848
Martha Wangari Karua - 43,881
James Legilisho Kiyiapi - 40,998
Paul Kibugi Muite - 12,580
Total votes cast - 12,338,667
Rejected votes - 108,975
Valid votes - 12,222,980

March 8

02:30 (March 9)

The IEBC has just announced results from the last six constituencies, meaning 291/291 constituencies are now in. The IEBC says it will be doing an audit on these numbers and making time to meet party agents to "sort out any issues" before declaring a final result at around 11am.

These are the results that the IEBC is describing as "provisional," pending that final audit:
Uhuru Kenyatta - 6,173,433
Raila Odinga - 5,340,546 
Total votes cast - 12,338,667   

These provisional numbers give Kenyatta 50.03% of the vote, which would be enough to avoid a runoff. Remember, the formula to win the presidency is 50% of the total vote +1 additional vote (and 25% of the vote in more than half of the counties).

Reporter John Ngirachu tweets, "One day, hopefully, you'll tell your grandkids about Bomas 2013."

And with that, we'll leave you for the night.  We'll resume updates as final results are available or as events warrant.

00:05 (March 9)
IEBC Commissioner Yusuf Nzibo announces the final declaration of results will now happen at around 11am Saturday.

"As you know we had planned to finish this exercise by midday today. Unfortunately because of the need for integrity and further scrutiny, the process has been slow."

"Happy International Women's Day to all Kenyan women. We celebrate your resilience, appreciate your role in nation building and keeping peace," tweeted Peter Kenneth this morning.

"@Peter_Kenneth thanks Peter"
- tweet from @marthakarua 

Is the election like a soap opera?

"Waiting for the final IEBC update. Wondering if this how women feel when a soap is in its last episode." 
- tweet from @njooro
"Yawn !! RT @MrYoungScholar: 'Previously, on keeping up with the IEBC..'"
- tweet from @okoboshi
"IEBC tallying is like the Bold and the beautiful. If you stop watching and come back after months, [it] is still the same."
- tweet from @_wangwe
A tired election worker sits to make a phone call
A tired election worker sits to make a phone call surrounded by his papers at the National Tallying Center.

Or like a football game?

"With the patience we've had, I think its safe to conclude that most Kenyans are #Arsenal fans!"
- tweet from @TonnyAnguthi
"The #KenyaDecides thing is beginning to look like the #ManCity vs #ManU thing last season: a very tense finish!"
- tweet from @joshmali


VOA's Mariama Diallo spoke with Kenyans living in Washington, D.C. and they shared their hopes for the next president, whoever he may be:

"I'd like to see the country move forward economically, create jobs, be secure and all these other aspects. And I think either one of the candidates has a very good chance of doing it." - Chris Matai

"Whoever wins should just be able to safeguard all the reforms and progress we've made. The other thing is just pushing forward our economic development. If we can continue on the path that we've been in over the past 10 years, all the livelihood of the Kenyans will be improved." - Mwangi Chegue

"I hope that whoever is the president will communicate strongly verbally and also through their actions that he's a president for all Kenyans. Moving forward ... the future of Kenya really depends on how the provisions in the new constitution are going to be implemented." - Ateino Odur

"Moving forward i expect to see more democracy and power to the people and progress." - Margaret Kamba

We mentioned yesterday that the IEBC sign language interpreter was becoming something of a celebrity on Twitter. Well...


The official IEBC results show Uhuru Kenyatta holding onto his slight lead against Raila Odinga with fewer than 50 constituencies now left to be announced. But as new results roll in, Kenyatta's percentage of the total votes cast has been jumping back and forth over the crucial 50%+1 line.  

With 251 constituencies reporting, the IEBC board shows:
Uhuru Kenyatta: 5,417,942
Raila Odinga: 4,673,257

The ICC has postponed the trial for William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang until May 28. It was originally planned for April 10.  Yesterday the court also announced it was postponing the trial for Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthuara, with the new date provisionally set for July 9.

Rumors had been flying that the IEBC press conference might be announcing final results, so Oswago's statement wasn't exactly what some tweeps were hoping for:

"I believe we are all being taught #Patience. No longer will we scream at Microwaves to hurry up and #Faiba to download faster. iSwear"
- tweet from @Namale

"The wait continues.. patience my fellow Kenyans patience!"
- tweet from @EveKopar

"this election has been sponsored by #redbull"
- tweet from @Jorammwinamo

In response to a question, IEBC CEO Oswago says he's received a 411 alert that the case brought by civil society to the High Court asking for vote tallying to be halted has been dismissed.

FILE - Security and bodyguards of the election com
Security and bodyguards of the election commission chairman stand as he delivers a statement to the media, at the National Election Center


IEBC CEO James Oswago opens his press conference with a joke: "A minor reason why I'm here is to show that I'm neither in prison nor am I dead...but I'm stressed though. And very tired."

"This is a difficult process because you have to get it right the first time ... the important thing is to put in place a mechanism where even if mistakes occur they can be detected and very quickly corrected."

Oswago says there has been a disconnect between the results being announced and those being keyed in, and that the process has been temporarily halted to make the correction, but he says this should not be a big worry.

All the returning officers have now arrived, he says, and the work will be done by tonight. "We are dedicated and determined that this process must end up today." 

He says at the end of the process he wants people to be able to say, "It was not brought as fast as expected, but the quality is beyond reproach."

If you haven't yet seen Musalia Mudavadi's statement conceding the presidential election, he told his supporters that "you did your best and as in every competition there will be a winner. We are not that winner for now and I appeal to you to keep the faith as we look to the future with hope."

"This election has been a living demonstration of universal and popular democracy at its highest and noblest levels."

Mudadavi also said he has spoken to Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to congratulate them on their performance so far, and to remind them of the need to keep the peace. 

"I have pointed out to them that all of us may have misgivings about some issues in the conduct of elections. However, Kenya is bigger than the sum total of presidential candidates and our supporters’ wishes."

"I have assured them of my full support and that of all my supporters across the country in this endeavour for peace."

Mudavadi is in third place according to the IEBC's official results.



As a reminder, here's what it takes to win the presidency.

The constitution states

A candidate shall be declared elected as President if the candidate receives - 
(a) more than half of all the votes cast in the election; and
(b) at least twenty-five percent of the votes cast in each of more than half of the counties.

The IEBC indicated in a briefing earlier this week that "all the votes cast" includes both valid votes and rejected votes.

That means to avoid a runoff, a candidate must receive 50 percent of the total votes cast plus one additional vote.

With more than 50 constituencies left to be announced by the IEBC, the race is still close and could change dramatically in either direction. But some on Twitter are saying, that for them at least, the tally now is more about whether we will go to a runoff than about who comes out on top:

"The race is no longer Uhuru Versus Raila. It has narrowed down to UK Versus 50% #KEpolls2013"
- tweet from @EricLatiff

"So far the race is btwn {UK vs 50 +1} {RAO vs Run-off} #KenyaDecides"
- tweet from @Nel_kimz

A nice thought from Twitter as we continue to wait and watch results roll in:

"Ladies and gentlemen it has been 5 days of high adrenaline I can tell you today hug an opponent say it has been a good fight #KenyaDecides"
- tweet from @fokango

IEBC Commissioner Ambassador Yusuf Nzibo tells VOA's Peter Clottey in an interview late last night that he is "very hopeful" of being able to announce a final result in the presidential election today. "Most of the officers did arrive Thursday night."

He also says he expects political parties to accept the results as announced by the IEBC. "Remember, the results are not being counted at the Bomas of Kenya. These are results that had already been announced at each polling station, where party agents had gone through them and certified results."

Clottey interview with IEBC Commissioner Ambassador Yusuf Nzibo



On Facebook, the IEBC asks:

"It takes time to clear with Returning Officer once they arrive at the tallying centre. The figures have to be audited and all ballots & votes accounted for. We have to get it right. Integrity supersedes speed here but we are trying, aren't we?" 

The post has over 500 comments after less than 10 minutes, most of which are answering yes.

Good morning. As you wake up this morning, the number of reported constituencies has now broken the 200 mark (out of 291 total), and Uhuru Kenyatta is still holding onto a lead.

Just a reminder:  We won't be posting minute-by-minute official results here, just the big milestones and the final outcome. Several media outlets are posting results live on Twitter, including: @ntvKenya @KTNKenya @CitizenTVNews

March 7


And we'll leave you for the night with this thought from Twitter:

"#IEBC please do not announce the results before tomorrow 1000hrs. Need to catch some sleep."
- tweet from @saemaigo

With 162 constituencies reported, Uhuru Kenyatta is holding onto a slim lead, but is below the 50%+1 threshold needed to avoid a runoff. We'll resume updates as final results are available or as other events warrant. Thanks for joining us! 

VOA's Harun Maruf spoke to Kenyan Defense Minister and Jubilee Coalition winner of a Senate seat in Garissa Yusuf Haji, who described the CORD's statement calling for the vote tally to be halted as "unfortunate and uncalled for." 

He also expressed confidence there would not be a runoff election.

Haji's opponent in the Senate race, long-time MP and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Farah Maalim, has alleged fraud, and in response to those allegations Haji said:

"I think it is very unfortunate that people can give all sorts of reasons for their losing without really weighing properly what they are saying ... People voted their wish, they have made their decision."

We have now passed the halfway point - more than 145 constituencies have reported their results.

With 145 constituencies reported, the official results were:
Uhuru Kenyatta: 3,300,711
Raila Odinga: 2,967,730

Rejected votes: 63,471 

The IEBC says 11 returning officers have yet to arrive in Nairobi.

In an attempt to fill the long stretches of time w
In an attempt to fill the long stretches of time without briefings to the media or announcement of electoral results, a choir sings songs in front of electoral results boards at the National Tallying Center


The IEBC briefings may be launching a new celebrity:

"@Wajc @iHendyGal I thought I was the only one digging the sign language during the IEBC briefings."
- tweet from @Warhia

"My 3yr Old girl asking if the sign guy has ran out of battery coz he is not speaking"
- tweet from @mohamedrashid76

"Hehehe! A little humor, when the IEBC commissioners are talking, watch the sign language guy signing "Paul Muite" :D Hilarious!"