The outspoken youth leader of South Africa's ruling ANC is calling for the party to install younger, more radical leaders.

Speaking Saturday, Julius Malema said South Africa needs a "fearless ANC," one that, in his words, will tell the queen in London that South Africa's economy will change.

Malema was referring to comments President Jacob Zuma made during a state visit to Britain in March, when he said nationalization of South Africa's mines is not government policy.

Malema and ANC leaders have been at odds for months, since Malema made headlines with a string of controversial remarks and incidents.

In March, he praised the efforts of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to seize white-owned farmland and nationalize mines.

Later, he was forced to apologize for repeatedly singing a song with the words Kill the Boer, a term for a white South African farmer.

Malema was also caught on camera insulting a BBC journalist. In May, the ANC ordered him to take anger management classes.

Malema has supporters within the ANC youth league but has no formal policymaking power.

Some information for this report was provided Reuters.