In Nigeria, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC) says prominent politicians it is investigating were behind a deadly attack on its operatives this past weekend.

Two were killed and several  critically injured, when gunmen ambushed them in the southeastern state of Imo.

?About 15 armed men ambushed them and rained bullets on them; one of the operatives was killed instantly, while others were critically wounded,? said commission spokesman Femi Babafemi.

?One of them was operated [Sunday] and quite a large number of bullets were removed from his body and we believe this is very sad, very unfortunate, just coming barely 24 hours after we alerted  the nation about a grand plan by some unscrupulous elements trying to sponsor all sorts of attack against the commission and its officials.?

Those who believe the attack was not specifically targeted at the EFCC are unaware of the careful pan that went into the operation, said Babafemi.

?Before the operatives left the court, they had actually called their boss, the head of operations in Enugu, to alert her about some suspicious movement within the court premises and they had the instruction of their boss to leave Owerri immediately and return to Enugu.?

The operatives were on alert, said the EFCC spokesman, but were not prepared for the large number of armed men waiting in ambush.

?Every one of them had to wear bulletproof jacket, sensing that something was in the offing.  Somewhere along Mbano-Okigwe road, there was a truck placed across the road and the men were pretending to be pushing the truck off the road, then opened fire on our men.?