Architect Mohammed Namadi Sambo, possible choice for Vice President in Nigeria
Architect Mohammed Namadi Sambo, possible choice for Vice President in Nigeria

Nigeria?s Senate will decide Tuesday when to begin confirmation hearings on President Goodluck Jonathan?s choice of vice president, said Ayogu Eze, chairman of the Committee on Information and Media.

He said lawmakers will be thorough in the confirmation hearings to ensure the interest of ordinary Nigerians is served.

?We are going to read the official communication from the president making the nomination of the present governor of Kaduna state, architect Namadi Sambo. And then, thereafter, we will decide, in plenary, which date and time we are going to handle the approval as provided for in section 146, sub-section three of the 1999 constitution,? he said.

President Jonathan was sworn in earlier this month as Nigeria?s leader following the death on 5 May of former President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, who died after a long ailment.

Last week, Mr. Jonathan chose Namadi Sambo, governor of northern Kaduna state, as his vice president pending approval by both houses of Nigeria?s parliament.

Senator Eze expects the confirmation hearing to be completed this week.

?Everything will be concluded within this week because of the urgency of the situation. And, we know that the country does not have much time to waste and we will do everything to make sure that we conclude the assignment this week,? Senator Eze said.

The 55 year-old Sambo, who is an architect, was elected as governor of Kaduna state in 2007.

Senator Eze said lawmakers will ascertain the qualities of Governor Sambo during the confirmation hearing.

?Members of the senate will be looking at his suitability, his track record, his persona and we will be able to make up our minds about whether we believe that he will be the best man for the job or not,? Senator Eze said.

He also said the senate will be swift and fair in the confirmation hearings.

Analysts say governor Sambo is expected to be confirmed as Nigeria?s vice president due to the overwhelming majority the ruling People?s Democratic Party (PDP) enjoys in both lower and upper houses of parliament.