Map of Somalia highlighting Mogadishu.
Map of Somalia highlighting Mogadishu.

WASHINGTON - A Somali regional lawmaker was fatally shot Tuesday in Mogadishu, police said.

Ruqiya Abshir Noor was shot in her home in the city's Shibis district, according to police. 

Abdiwakil Abdullahi, police commander in the neighboring Bondhere district, who received the report of the killing, told VOA Mogadishu that Noor suffered serious injuries and was transported to Mogadishu's main hospital, Medina, where she was pronounced dead.

Noor was a member of the Southwest Regional Parliament, in one of the federal member states of the country.

Her colleague in the Southwest Parliament, Bashir Ibrahim, told VOA that Noor went back to Mogadishu last week after the parliament went into recess.

“She was a nice person, very active member of the parliament,” Ibrahim said.

No one has claimed responsibility for the killing, but al-Shabab militants take credit for assassinations of lawmakers, civil servants and other government workers.