Unity state authorities say that reports by a northern
newspaper that southerners traveling from Unity state to Khartoum were
burnt alive by Misseriya   are not true. The newspaper cited a video
showing    men   being  burned, but the footage does not appear to be
from this area.

Last week, the Hakbar-El-yom newspaper in the north claimed that
southerners returning to the north after the referendum were burnt
alive at the border between Unity State and Southern Kordofan.

Unity State Minister of Information and Communication Gideon Gatpan
Thaor says the story is simply not true.

He accused the media house of spreading false propaganda.

?Hakbar El Yom do not respect the media law, or don?t
respect their mandate as media  firm,if they are involved in politics
and creating problems, Unity State is now able to know and the
Southerner Sudanese general is in position of knowing Hakbar El Yom
newspaper is intending to provoke the situation and not enduring the

The Unity state minister warned that  such kinds of lies can be very
harmful to the people of north and south Sudan.

?We had just completed the peace talks in Kadguli
which had very fruitful resolutions and this resolutions are respected
by South Kordofan and Unity State as the others states do, and these
were signed by high  level officials and this is an interference with
resolution of the meeting by Hakbar El Yom?.

The state Minister said that he has received so many calls from
other media houses seeking to verify the claims by the newspaper.

A video the newspaper uses to confirm its report shows people being
burnt alive, but those in the video are speaking Kiswahili and other
languages not native to this part of Sudan.