Sudan's Bashir in Chad, First Visit to ICC Country Since Warrant
Sudan's Bashir in Chad, First Visit to ICC Country Since Warrant

A leading member of Sudan?s governing National Congress Party (NCP) told VOA President Omar Hassan al-Bashir?s government will not recognize any resolution or proclamation agreed upon at the two-day African Union-European Union summit in Libya scheduled to end Tuesday.

Rabie Abdelati Obeid also called on the entire African continent to resist, in his words, the dictatorial tendencies of the European Union.

Sudan is boycotting this week's summit after the EU threatened to walk out if Mr. Bashir, under international indictment, took part.

?Our government will not recognize what will be concluded and all the resolutions that form this summit, which is being held in Libya. The withdrawal of Sudan from contributing to this summit was due to pressure (from) the European countries on Libya,? said Obeid.

Dr. Rabie Abdullati Obeid, a prominent member of S
Dr. Rabie Abdelati Obeid is a prominent member of Sudan's dominant National Congress Party (NCP)

?Therefore, we are not concerned about what happened at this summit and we are not also concerned about the resolution. I think such summits are just (aimed at) exchanging views and opinions, (but) not to decide something to be implemented in the African countries.?

Obeid warned, if not stopped, the European Union?s actions could plunge the continent into what he described as perpetual subjugation.

?It is a sign also for the African countries taking part in this summit that, if they allow this pressure to continue, this will definitely, and ultimately, (undermine) the sovereignty and independence of African countries. And, this will be a very dangerous situation (that) will transform the summit from cooperation between Europe and Africa to be only a summit for issuing instructions to African countries,? said Obeid.

?(This) will create a lot of hazard for the will of the people and will also lead to another era of terrorism,? he added.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Ahmad Karti told the French news agency that President Bashir made the decision not to attend under pressure from the European Union.  The 27-nation bloc supports the international tribunal, while Mr. Bashir rejects its jurisdiction and refuses to cooperate.

Karti said Mr. Bashir decided not to attend the summit in order to avoid embarrassing Libya, which is hosting 80 heads of state from the two continents during the two-day summit.

The Hague-based International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Bashir for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Sudan's western province of Darfur.