Sudan Government, Rebels Sign Truce
Sudan Government, Rebels Sign Truce

A tribal chieftain in Sudan's Darfur region says at least 55 people have been killed and more than 80 others wounded in fighting between the south Sudan army and Darfuri Arab tribes.

Rizeigat tribal leader Mohamed Eissa Aliu said the fighting occurred Friday.  He said reinforcements from both sides are converging on the area near the border of the southern state of Western Bahr al-Ghazal.

Aliu's account to Western reporters has not been confirmed.

The south Sudan army confirmed Saturday it had come under attack, but it said the assault came from the northern-based central government army and not Rizeigat tribesmen.

Tensions in Sudan remain high following the country's first multi-party elections in 24 years.  The polls earlier this month were boycotted by several opposition parties and marred by a series of technical and logistical problems.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.