Churches in the Haitian-American community are holding special services for the victims of the Port-Au-Prince earthquake.

Haitian-Americans attend mass at St. Camillus Cath
Haitian-Americans attend mass at St. Camillus Catholic Church in Silver Spring, Maryland to support grieving Haitians, 17 Jan 2010

Several hundred people attended a Mass at St. Camillus Catholic Church in Silver Spring, Maryland to support grieving Haitians and provide words of support and comfort.  

Donald Wuerl is the Archbishop of Washington.

"We simply wanted to be here, so that all of those people who are suffering so much would know that they're not alone," he sid.

As telephone and internet services slowly improve in Haiti, more Haitians in the United States are learning about the fate of their family and friends.

Alberte Henry says her parents' home collapsed in Port-au-Prince. Her mother died but her father is alive.  He told his daughter by phone...

"God gave me a really good wife and now he takes her," he said

Franklin Leveille says his faith is helping him cope with the pain of losing two sisters.  

"I came here for everybody who lost their family and say God thank you for everything," he said.

The Mass was performed by a French-speaking African priest who was substituting for a Haitian priest caught in Haiti's devastating quake. Shortly before the Mass, the Catholic diocese of Washington learned he had survived.  

Florence Fanfan also got good news that her mother is alive.

"Something so joyful inside of me.  I can't even describe the way I feel," she exclaimed.

Many Haitians still have not heard from their families.  Olga Madiou Beale says she is hopeful her family is safe.

"And until we hear something, I'm not going to say they're lost," she said.

Archbishop Wuerl says the diocese has sent $100,000 to Catholic relief workers in Haiti.