RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil is expecting more than a half-million foreign tourists for this year’s World Cup - but if you’re a local, where would you go to see your country play?
Away from the crowded beaches sits a bar in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Ipanema.
The Garota de Ipanema, named for the famous song, The Girl from Ipanema, features the song’s note sheet on the wall outside.
Around the corner, local musicians play their own music.
Across the street, locals settle in to watch the "Seleção", the Brazilian national soccer team. They drink beer and caipirinhas, the national cocktail.
As the Brasil - Mexico game ebbs and flows, so does the crowd.
Ultimately, the game ends in a scoreless draw.
Regardless of the outcome, Campo Grande resident Uberto is still confident Brazil will bounce back.
“Brazil is a good contender. Cameroon isn’t that good of a team and I think Brazil will go forward to the next round,” said Uberto.
Fatima, a Rio de Janeiro resident, is less pleased about the result.
“I don’t want to respond. I simply don’t know,” she said when asked about Brazil’s chances.
Still, she knows she will return to Ipanema for Brazil’s next game.
“For the last three World Cups, I’ve been here. It’s safe, and has a good family atmosphere,” said Fatima.
After the sun has set on this corner of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro and Brazil as a whole turn their attention to their team’s next match.

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