An alleged Nazi war criminal wanted by Russia in connection with a 1943 massacre has died in Quebec, Canada, at 93 of an apparent stroke.

Vladimir Katriuk was No. 2 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of the most wanted Nazi war criminals. He died last week, his lawyer said.

Russia had asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government for Katriuk's extradition.

Katriuk allegedly took part in the killings of civilians in the Soviet village of Khatyn, now part of Belarus. The villagers were locked inside a barn that was set on fire. Katriuk is accused of gunning down the victims as they fled from the burning building.

Katriuk moved to Canada in 1951 and spent the rest of his life working as a beekeeper. He refused to discuss the war crimes charges.

A Canadian court stripped him of his citizenship for not disclosing his Nazi past when he entered Canada. But the Harper government decided not to revoke his citizenship for what it said was a lack of evidence of war crimes.

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