U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has committed $10 million to help New York police deal with the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Mr. Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller toured the site of the wreckage two hijacked airplanes created when they crashed into the World Trade Center office complex. Mr. Ashcroft says he had to see the extent of the devastation in person to believe it. "Only standing in the midst of the twisted, torn, shattered rubble can one appreciate, in any respect, the scale, scope and difficulty this act of war perpetrated on the United States of America here in New York," he said.

Mr. Ashcroft pledged an additional $10 million to ease the burden of police costs in New York. The federal government has already approved billions of dollars in assistance for New York's recovery.

The attorney general vowed that those responsible for the unspeakable act of terrorism will be brought to justice. Mr. Ashcroft thanked the people of New York for "unbelievable acts of heroism and selflessness" in the aftermath of the attack. "It is a capital of the world for spirit," he said. "If the assault by terrorists tore a hole in the American soul, looking into that hole, we see a spirit that says what the President of the United States said last night to the assembled members of Congress, to the people of America, and to freedom-loving citizens around the world: "We will rebuild New York." It is our nature. It is our spirit. It is out dedication. It is our commitment."

Mr. Ashcroft described meeting with some of the thousands of rescue workers at the site as one of the great honors of his life.