Some 10,000 people face evacuation in Romania as workers race to fix a break in levees holding back the rising waters of the Danube River.

The waters breached the barriers near the southern village of Bistret, threatening low-lying communities.

More than three thousand people were evacuated in southern Romania Monday when the Danube flooded an area around the village of Rast.

Romanian officials are using controlled flooding to protect heavily-populated areas.

Authorities in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia have declared states of emergency because of the flooding, but officials say the waters in Serbia have started to recede.

Heavy rains and melting snow have caused the Danube to flow at nearly twice its normal volume, causing some of the worst flooding in eastern Europe in years.

The floods have inundated tens of thousands of hectares of land across the region.

Some information for this report provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.