Israeli air strikes, Hezbollah missile attacks and heavy ground combat continued Sunday in Lebanon and Israel as members of the U.N. Security Council continued consideration of a draft resolution to bring about a cease-fire in the conflict. In one incident, Hezbollah rockets killed at least 11 Israeli soldiers in northern Israel.

  Earlier, Lebanese officials said Israel carried out more air strikes in Lebanon, killing at least 15 people, including one Lebanese military official

Fighting intensified Sunday, as diplomatic efforts at the United Nations aimed at bringing about a ceasefire gained momentum.

A draft U.N. resolution under consideration calls for a full cessation of hostilities, while allowing Israel to respond if attacked by Hezbollah, and stay in Lebanon until international peacekeepers arrive.

Israeli officials say that is a recognition of the dangers posed by Hezbollah.  Yigal Palmor is a spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry.

"Hezbollah cannot be allowed to restore its complete rule of impunity in southern Lebanon, and this is something the international community perfectly understands today," Palmor says.

Palmor says Israel believes a second proposed resolution, which would authorize international peacekeepers to be deployed in Lebanon, will be the key to ending the conflict.

Israeli officials say, until that happens they will continue fighting Hezbollah in south Lebanon