Thirteen suspected terrorists went on trial in Amman, Jordan, accused of plotting attacks against several American targets in the kingdom.

Ten Jordanians and three Saudis are accused of numerous crimes, including conspiring to attack the U.S. embassy in Amman and four Jordanian military bases where they believed American troops were located.

Weapons charges, including possession of rockets, grenades, and detonators, have also been filed against the defendants, including the three Saudis who remain at-large.

Nine of the Jordanians appeared in state security court. No pleas were entered and the case was continued until October 8 to give the defendants time to find legal representation. The 10th, Mohammed Ahmed al-Chalabi, who is known as Abu-Sayyaf, was arrested on Saturday.

The prosecutor in the case charged that the defendants had received money from two Saudi fugitives along with weapons from Iraq via a Jordanian truck driver, who is also in custody.

The plot was uncovered last December by Jordanian intelligence. If convicted, the defendants could face execution.