Russian officials say three Russian security officers have been killed by rebels in two separate shooting incidents in Chechnya.

Officials say rebels shot and killed two police officers earlier Sunday while they were on patrol in Chechnya's Urus-Martan district. They said a third security officer was killed by militants in the republics' Gudermes district.

Also Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said a military MI-24 helicopter crash landed in southern Chechnya Saturday due to technical problems. There were no deaths reported in the incident.

Meanwhile, Chechnya's Moscow-appointed administrator Akhmad Kadyrov has confirmed his intention to run as an independent candidate for president in the October elections.

Speaking before a rally of Chechen religious leaders Sunday, Mr. Kadyrov formally announced his presidential bid, vowing to bring about the revival of Chechnya if he is elected.

The Chechen administrator also promised to free the republic from war and suffering, and vowed to root out the factors that created the crisis.

Mr. Kadyrov last month said he will not represent any political party in the October fifth election.